Course Tour – Front Nine

Bent Tree Golf Club spreads out over 225 acres of breathtaking views and elevation changes. There is nothing artificial in its concept and design. The natural beauty of its topography and striking mix of prairie grasses and flowers gives the design a perfect marriage of balance and splendor. And with 5 sets of tees, Bent Tree Golf Club is player friendly for all skill levels.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #1 diagram


Par 4 - 390 / 373 / 310 / 295 / 255 yds

A two tiered fairway and a dogleg left makes Hole #1 at Bent Tree a great way to start your round. Staying left and reaching the upper tier gives you the best approach to the green although a back pin gives you a blind shot. Go too far right and you're in the high grass. Going too far left gives you more of the same. Even a very long straight tee shot can get you into some trouble on the hill. A well placed tee shot gives you only a short iron into the green.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #2 diagram


Par 4 - 375 / 348 / 325 / 311 / 283 yds

This magnifcent hole will test your accuracy from both the tee box and the approach. With out of bounds to the left and high prairie grass to the right, a well-placed tee shot is a must if you wish to score a birdie or par. Longer hitters can use an iron off the tee. Shorter hitters can use a driver but don't go too far. Be sure you have enough club on your approach shot as many a ball have come up short... and wet.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #3 diagram


Par 4 - 426 / 403 / 388 / 363 / 330 yds

A long straight par 4 that requires a good tee shot. One bunker guards the left hand side, while three well placed bunkers guard the right. Play one extra club on your approach shot as this hole always plays longer than it looks. The green is sloped ever so slightly toward the fairway and requires a delicate touch should your approach shot be above the hole.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #4 diagram


Par 5 - 524 / 500 / 482 / 447 / 412 yds

An excellent chance for birdie awaits on this par 5 if your tee shot can escape the six strategically placed bunkers that guard the fairway. A south wind makes this hole a real challenge while a north wind will allow you to possibly reach the green in two. Beware of the large bunker in front of the green which can collect many approach shots. The green is sloped from back to front. A back pin can make it difficult to get close.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #5 diagram


Par 3 - 180 / 155 / 150 / 143 / 135 yds

A relatively short par 3 that is heavily guarded on the right side by 5 bunkers. Although the green is quite large, the slope makes it difficult to read. Accuracy is a must as an errant tee shot can leave you with a difficult chip. Gauging the wind on this hole can also be tricky.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #6 diagram


Par 4 - 433 / 418 / 400 / 358 / 318 yds

A double fairway on hole # 6 gives golfers plenty of room for error off the tee although the hole plays much longer from the right side. Splitting the fairways can leave you in some high grass making the approach shot to the green more difficult. The green slopes away from the fairway and a front pin always makes it difficult to get close as the ball will tend to roll to the back of the green. Missing the green left or right leaves a difficult chip.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #7 diagram


Par 4 - 463 / 435 / 395 / 376 / 328 yds

Hole #7 requires an accurate tee shot to a narrow fairway which slopes to your right. There is more room to the left than it looks from the tee box but if you go too far left, you may have difficulty finding your ball in the high rough. Tall prairie grass lines the entire right side of the fairway which makes it even more important to stay in the fairway. A long iron into a shallow green is the norm on this hole. A south wind can make things even more difficult.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #8 diagram


Par 3 - 224 / 205 / 188 / 150 / 124 yds

No matter if you play #8 from the back, middle or front tees, this hole is one of the most demanding par 3s in the area. A shallow green makes it even more difficult to judge. A large bunker guards the left side along with several grass bunkers. Go too far right and you're in the high prairie grass where your ball will be nearly impossible to find. When there is a strong south wind, even driver is not out of the question from the back tees.

Bent Tree Golf Club - Hole #9 diagram


Par 5 - 542 / 522 / 500 / 483 / 427 yds

The signature hole at Bent Tree Golf Club is a magnificent par 5. A hazard runs along the entire left side of the hole. Tall prairie grass lines the right side but the fairway is wide enough to allow for a slightly errant tee shot. Three bunkers surround a large, very accessible green. A great birdie or eagle opportunity awaits if the wind conditions are right.