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Meet Jeff Nielsen, Head PGA Professional


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Introducing our Head PGA Golf Professional, Jeff Nielsen, a seasoned expert with an unparalleled passion for the game and a wealth of experience in the golf world. With an impressive career spanning 28 years in the industry, Jeff's dedication to golf and player development shines through in everything he does.

For 17 years, Jeff honed his skills and expertise at a local golf course, where his primary focus was on nurturing and guiding players to reach their full potential. As a PGA member for the past two decades, he brings a level of professionalism and knowledge that is second to none.

Beyond his work on the course, Jeff has made significant contributions to the sport by serving as the esteemed Duchesne women's golf coach for the last 12 years. Under his inspiring leadership, the team has secured an impressive five victories in the Nebraska Women's State Tournament, showcasing his ability to elevate players' performances to new heights.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Jeff's character is his magnetic personality, making him an absolute joy to be around. Whether it's interacting with fellow golfers, coaching aspiring talents, or engaging with our members, his positive energy and genuine enthusiasm create an exceptional golfing experience for everyone.

Passionate about coaching, Jeff possesses a unique ability to connect with players of all levels, instilling in them a profound love for the sport while refining their skills and techniques. His commitment to continuous improvement ensures that each golfer under his guidance reaches their fullest potential and achieves remarkable growth on and off the course.

With Jeff Nielsen at the helm of our golf program, we are confident that his expertise, passion, and magnetic personality will foster a golfing community like no other. We eagerly welcome him aboard and anticipate a future of unparalleled success and enjoyment on the green.


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